Better Oral Sex – Tips For Women on How to Give Your Man The Best Blow Job of His Life

No matter how good or bad you think you are at giving your man oral sex, you are going to learn some tips today that you probably never heard of before. These tips are quite literally going to change the way you view oral sex. You and your man are never going to be the same again once you start using these tips in the bedroom.

Shot of an affectionate young couple sharing a romantic moment in the bedroom at home
Shot of an affectionate young couple sharing a romantic moment in the bedroom at home

A lot of women refrain from giving a man oral sex and that is a huge mistake. Why would you withhold giving your man something so pleasurable and that makes him happy? If the reason has to do with your level of comfort, then you need to change that. Giving your man oral sex and making that happen often will give your love life the boost that it needs.

To give your man the kind of oral sex that he is craving, you first need to learn some tips. These are the tips that are going to help you to give your man the best blow job of his life. You can become the best that he has ever had and you can solidify that status with these fellatio techniques.

The first oral sex tip that you should use on your man is foreplay. A lot of people assume that foreplay is only necessary when you are going to be making love. This is not true. Foreplay should be required for all things sexual. Before you do any stimulation, you should use foreplay to get your man in the mood. The more in the mood he is and the more he is craving you, the stronger and more intense the pleasure will feel.

The second tip is to be rough with him during oral. If you want to give him an orgasm that makes him feel like he is going to explode, then you must be rough with him. However, you cannot be rough with him with your mouth, so you have to use something else. This is when your hands become his best friend. You can use one hand on the shaft of his penis, to stroke him hard and to give him that roughness that he craves. It doesn’t have to stop there. You can use your other hand to stimulate his testicles to give him even more pleasure. By doing so, you max out his pleasure receptors and you will drive him wild.

You can become amazing at performing oral sex on your man and it is time that you made that happen today.

I’m Afraid to Give Him Oral Sex – How to Get Over Your Fear And Give Him The Best Oral Ever

It’s natural for a woman to be afraid of oral sex. It is quite intimidating and in a sense, invasive. It’s natural to be afraid that you are going to gag or that something is going to go wrong, especially if your man is “blessed”. You would be okay with having this fear with the rest of your life, if it wasn’t of course, for your man. You know that withholding oral sex is not an option and you also know that you can’t keep making excuses. You need to get over your fear now.

You need to learn how to stop being afraid to give him oral sex and to start loving it. That way, you can feel comfortable around your man finally and he can start getting the pleasure that he wants. It’s a win-win for both of you and helps you to feel more reassured that he isn’t just going to get fed up and walk out someday.

There are many ways that you can get over your fear and in order to help you do just that, here they are.

One of the best ways to get over your fear of fellatio is to practice. A lot of women are nervous about doing it because they worry that they are going to do something wrong or gag and vomit. You can prevent this by practicing on something that is phallic. Try stimulating a banana or a popsicle. Of course, you won’t get feedback but instead, you will get more comfortable with having something in your mouth and potentially down your throat. This is also a very helpful method to practice deep throating, so keep that in mind for when your comfort levels are soaring.

Another thing that women are fearful of when it comes to oral sex is the taste. They have heard awful things about it and that is one of the biggest reasons why they don’t want to do it. First things first, unless your man doesn’t wash, then it won’t be too bad. The taste is salty and tastes like sweat to be honest. However, if you want to make sure that things will taste good, use a flavored lubricant on him. This is a great way to make your man taste like a lollipop so you find it easier to perform fellatio on him.

You can also boost up his diet with some pineapple before oral sex, as that will give him a very sweet taste, making oral sex all the more of a delight.

With these few tips, you can feel more comfortable about the idea of performing oral sex on your man. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or nervous about it for another moment if you start using these tips today. You can give him the best oral sex of his life and it’s time you did that now.